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Screening Number 8 and Updates!

Updated: Apr 5

(from the CoDirector and Editor: Charlie)

Things are moving fast. It's been that way from the start. Frankie and I got the hard drive in June of 2023. It had all the files from filming in 2021. For more on that backstory check HERE.

Since then it's been what we call a "sprinting marathon" to finish the movie by November, for a Premiere in Capetown, South Africa. I have watched the final 10 minutes of the movie's screenings via our narrator's WhatsApp video stream...along with the audience. I was able to see how absolutely riveted and focused the audiences have been on the movie.

Here is a screenshot that is indicative of the reactions the movie has been inspiring...

Originally we thought we would have perhaps 3 screenings in all of South Africa. There are now many more than that: 16 in fact. We just had no idea how much energy and enthusiasm there would be for this story to be told. Frankie is the only one of the directorial team on the ground in SA. So her schedule is packed! She's being contacted for interviews internationally and locally. It's sort of surreal for both of us.

Here are two recent articles:

(click pic for full article)

We also now have our first corporate sponsor!

A contribution from Suzuki Auto South Africa in November of 2023 has allowed us to defray numerous expenses from the South Africa screening tour! Make sure to check out their sites and thank them!

It's part of the Clean Ocean Project initiative!

We also have a new video up on our Youtube page. An interview with the composers! Find out how they composed such a powerful and evocative soundtrack, for free, in just 3 weeks!


My role is to look forward to other screenings around the world outside of South Africa. Chatting with shark conservationists where I can find them and seeing if they would like to host screenings once the tour in South Africa is over in mid-December. If all goes according to plan...I would travel with the film beginning in January hitting venues in countries and building international support for removing the nets and transforming the Sharks Board.

Frankie's plan is to stay in South Africa to complete the current lengthy screenings tour. After that, she is embarking on a continuing educational outreach project helping to spread the word about shark conservation in SA.

We feel like with this approach we are giving the sharks the best chance to have this message be heard: No more nets.


The movie itself is set for an online release via YouTube in January. No paywalls here. Just free access for anyone who wishes to see it.


And as always both Frankie and I have our ears open for any hint of additional funding. The GoFundMe has helped and the new Suzuki sponsorship absolutely helps but more funding is needed to keep the work going.

Do any Angel donors out there want to help fund this important work? :)

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