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Meet the incredible organizations we are directly working with in South Africa.

Sentinel Ocean Alliance provides a safe space to create and implement multi-faceted youth development programmes and environmental initiatives, that address real challenges facing the youth of previously disadvantaged coastal communities, by supporting and enabling future responsible leaders to become ocean activists and make meaningful contributions to South African society.

The White Shark Diving Company, established in 1997 in Gansbaai, has been a pivotal force in shaping South Africa's shark cage diving industry. They co-founded the Great White Shark Protection Foundation, contributing to shark and diver safety and environmental protection. Their commitment to conservation and education is reflected in their non-profit, The Shark & Marine Research Institute. They educate guests about sharks and offer a unique chance to see them in their natural habitat, transforming fear into awe and supporting shark conservation.With a top-rated reputation and a flawless safety record, White Shark Diving Company provides a personalized shark cage diving experience with limited passengers, solidifying their leadership in Gansbaai's shark cage diving and conservation sector.

The Shark & Marine Research Institute (SMRI) was formed by White Shark Diving Company in 2015 and became a non-profit organization in 2017. We collaborate with scientists and Stellenbosch University to advance conservation and engage coastal communities. Our goal is to promote ocean conservation, educate the next generation, and welcome global volunteers and scientists for research. Located in Gansbaai, South Africa, just two hours from Cape Town, SMRI protects ocean life, especially great white sharks, in a diverse ecosystem. We focus on preserving ocean health and studying various elasmobranchs, including lesser-known species that lack data. Our mission is to fill knowledge gaps and ensure their protection.

The SharkSafe Barrier™ is a product that has been developed to ensure the safety of beachgoers from shark attacks, to prevent the loss of tourism revenue following these traumatic events and to stop the environmental damage caused by some of the protection measures currently used.

Sharklady Adventures was founded by Kim ‘Sharklady’ Maclean in 2001 with her passion for Great White Sharks and her dedication to care, protect and educate people about them. The company has thus always initiated and participated in educational and conservation projects within the community, even launching regular community ocean clean-up projects.  Kim Maclean has been operating since 1992 with a 100% safety record.  She was involved with extensive research programmes with Great Whites, and was one of the first to tag Great Whites in South Africa.

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