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The Premiere

It has been an incredible journey to tell the story of The Last Shark. Following its premiere on Tuesday, November 7th, in Capetown at The Labia, and embarking on the subsequent leg of our screening tour, we've come to realize that this is truly the start of something big; what started as a movie has already become a movement.

We couldn't be more grateful to everyone for their unwavering support throughout this project. We cannot wait to share this with the world in the coming year, following a series of private screenings across South Africa.

The response to the film has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Individuals have left the theaters with a profound shift in perspective, expressing sentiments such as:

"I'm no longer afraid of sharks; I'm afraid of losing them and grappling with the challenges our oceans face."

Once again, a sincere thank you to everyone who contributed—be it through calls, donated footage, sponsored venues, and more. What started as a mere movie has blossomed into a movement. We are thrilled to continue sharing this story and educational message.

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